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Live Performances Of Dylan

In 2014 my hero, David Sedaris invited me to open for him. Twice.
In March of 2010 I had the profound honor of being invited to perform at the New York Public Library's tribute to George Carlin. I performed a piece called ARC, which also shows up on my live CD, TRUE ENOUGH (available from Stand Up! Records). I am introduced by the wonderful Kevin Smith. The whole show was hosted by Whoopi Goldberg.
This is a piece called A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS IN BRIEF. It first appeared on my live CD, TRUE ENOUGH (Stand Up! Records, 2010) and was later read at Wendy Hammers' Tasty Words show in Los Angeles.
This was my appearance on A&E's COMEDY ON THE ROAD in 1994
This is my story MUCH BETTER, THANK YOU, performed at Sit n Spin on the Comedy Central Stage
A poem (Sudoku) and a confession about said poem performed at the Comedy Central Stage a year or so ago. This piece is also performed on my live CD, True Enough from available from Stand Up! Records. (poem co-written with Alex Bernstein)
This is the first appearance I ever did at Sit n Spin in Los Angeles on the Comedy Central Stage (2009). It is also the centerpiece of my new CD, coming early in 2011 from Stand Up! Records, though it has been rewritten a bit since this video segment was made.
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