The First Official Protest Song of the Resistance Cover Challenge!

Times of Change


Don’t say it takes you by surprise.
G Dsus4/G
We saw the fire and the rains.
G C/G Dsus4/G
Now as the muddy waters rise
C/G Dsus4/G G
We live again in times of change.

Foretold catastrophes arrive.
We suckle comfort from distraction.
Out TVs won’t help us survive.
We must take action in times of change

D7 G7
I know it all seems unfair
D7 G7
‘cause we believed when we were young
we’d done our part
G7 (F#7) E7
                just by being there
A7 D
                                When all those songs were sung.

Sure as the smoke obscures the sun
The sky grows grey and black and seething
We know now nowhere’s safe to run
no one breathes easy in times of change

There’s something happening here.
The modern science is sound.
The signs we see are
                as they appear
                                If we’d just stop and look around.

Now every day a hard rain falls
and someone’s hoarding the umbrellas
a childlike voice of conscience calls
We must be heroes in times of change.

One time we took to street and stages
to sing in hope of ending war
now we sit home and
                we tweet our rages
                                But what are we fighting for?

We’re all gonna die.
When we ask why we sound discordant.
Don’t shirk those questions with a lie.
The truth’s important in times of change.

A man can never be freed
while he protects his heart
Maybe love isn’t
                all we need
                                but it’s a damn good place to start.

Don’t say it takes you by surprise.
The poets prophesied with pen
we muddy waters as they rise
and live again in times of change.

C/G D7sus4/G G
We must take action in times of change.
C/G D7sus4/G
No one breathes easy
C/G D7sus4/G
We must be heroes
C/G D7sus4/G G
The truth’s important in times of change

Do a cover of this song! Make it polished or rough and sloppy! A cappella or lush instrumental. Reggae? Rock? Punk? We don’t care! We don’t want it to be perfect. We want to hear your voice as part of the resistance. Want to submit a clean manuscript of an arrangement? Cool! We’ll start populating this page (or one very much like it) with all your contributions. I am inviting covers of all sorts. It’s time for them to know. The protest songs have begun to be sung. It begins. Let them hear it.