“The Modern Depression Guidebook not only had me laughing but impressed me at the way it approaches healing and understanding of depression from an absolutely unprecedented direction. Your book will be excellent in any psychiatric setting dealing with depression. Your new approach is spectacular.” --Barbara Thomas-Horton, MSW, Group (Depression) Therapist, Hollywood Memorial Hospital, Hollywood, FL

“As a long-time member of the National Association of the Mentally Ill (NAMI) and having had a lifetime of experience with people suffering depressions of all kinds, I can say that I am thrilled that the hilarious Modern Depression Guidebook by Dylan Brody has been written. It is hard to believe no one thought of this clever, back-door approach to healing or helping depression with laughter. Grateful for this book.” --Beverly Shrum Dale, NAMI, Asheville, NC

Modern Depression Guidebook

Miniver Press

The opposite of a self-help book.

Get the deepest possible lows and experience the darkest possible blues in a joyous and darkly funny exploration of life’s inherent sadness.


  • handy exercises to improve your self-loathing

  • ready-to-use lists of worldly injustices to contemplate

  • useful instruction for the chronically depressed and the first-time sufferer alike.

  • Feel your mood spiral downward like Larry Flynt at the Guggenheim

  • With The Modern Depression Guidebook to help you, you’re about to do depression right!

“Dylan Brody has written an upside-down handbook that gratifies true depressives with its wickedly surgical approach. Your tour guide stopped changing into clean clothes days ago. He ticks off Bottom Ten lists with laser-scope accuracy, and with whatever is the opposite of verve. The Modern Depression Guidebook is for people who think that the Gratefulness Movement should have filed for bankruptcy long ago. He’d ask you to sign onto a class action suit against cheerfulness, but he knows that would be too much trouble, and pointless. Just get his book, if you’re not too tired.” --Harold Fethe, anthropologist and S&P 500 executive