Wondering if the MODERN DEPRESSION GUIDEBOOK is right for you? Take this simple quiz to find out!

  • Are you sad right now?

  • Have you ever been sad?

  • Do your moods change depending on how you feel?

  • Have you ever experienced great joy that you are not experiencing at this moment?

  • Do you feel the occasional need to be reassured by those whom you trust?

  • Do you feel the occasional desire to avoid talking to those whom you trust and could offer you reassurance?

  • Do you view each day as a great, gaping maw of time that must be filled?

  • Do you view each day as a bright opportunity for change even though no day to date has ever brought that change?

  • Is success an opportunity for disappointment?

  • Have you ever experienced success, opportunity, or disappointment?

  • Have you ever considered suicide?

  • Do you believe in god(s)?

  • Do you now or have you ever had parents?

If you answered β€œyes” to none or more of these questions, congratulations!  You qualify as a candidate.